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The business of meetings and conferences has become very challenging in recent years. We have found that supplier relationships are a very important element of the meeting/conference and the bottom line. Our audiovisual supplier, CCR Solutions, has proven to be an incredible asset to the organization and our members. With an annual conference that includes plenary sessions and over 65 concurrent sessions, audiovisual service excellence is a key factor to our success. The ability of the technicians and project managers to work seamlessly with the speakers (who are members of our community) and deliver service excellence has been noted over the past few years. CCR is idea driven and has guided our speaker community to better technology solutions, presentation ideas and delivery skills at our meeting. With a long term project manager and lead technician assigned to our event, delegates and staff easily identify with them on-site. The ability of CCR to facilitate last minute solutions and “think on their feet” has provided us with recognized success for our national meeting. With a mantra that there are no problems, only challenges with solutions, CCR is an integral member of the team. We view our working relationship as a joint venture and we all benefit from the resulting successes. We would and have recommended them without hesitation. Regards, Wendy

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