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Thank you so much. We were ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED! If you want to use my name as a reference, I will be happy to sing your praises. Everything worked beautifully, and André was great to work with. I have never had so many positive comments about a technician ever in 14 conferences that I've organized. He solved all the problems and kept all our (sometimes tense) speakers happy The only problems we had trouble with were people who came with their Macs and didn't have adapters, but I think it most cases they were able to borrow them from other presenters. We will definitely be in touch with you when we return to Quebec for our next meeting in a few years. You may be hearing from one of my secretaries. She had a book she borrowed from André and needs to return to him. Since we didn't know his last name or how to contact him, I gave her your name. Thanks. Jayne

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