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CCR Solutions Purchases State of the Art Christie Spyder X20

Fall – 2014: Our clients demand the very latest in technology and CCR continues to invest in its HD image blending, mapping, processing and capture to ensure that their creative vision looks spectacular. The next generation of video processing and matrix switching, the Spyder X20 offers a unique architecture that allows for a resolution and video format-independent environment. Users are no longer restricted to the resolution of a single computer or video source, or a single display destination. Multiple displays can be combined to generate an enhanced resolution to exceed what any single display can support. Ideal for live event and broadcast environments, its 20 megapixel bandwidth enables the Spyder X20 to drive multiple displays to achieve greater brightness, image quality and resolution than has been historically possible. The Spyder X20 can be used in many different environments with any display device (projectors, plasma screens, LED walls, rear projection cubes, etc.) or any combination of display devices. This marks the latest capability in our already significant content of Image processing, blending, mapping and projection hardware. Please contact us at sales@ccrsolutions for more information.

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